Oil & Gas Drilling

HAD is based in Rittman OH, the heart of the Utica shale. HAD is active in both of the Appalachia's unconventional Shale Plays. We have rigs operating in North-Central PA, drilling the Marcellus Shale and South-Eastern OH, drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales. HAD operates "late-model" state of the art, hydraulic topdrive rotary rigs, and Foremost, Dual Rotary rigs for the conductor and rathole drilling.

"From Spud to TD"

  • Conductor Installation
  • Rathole Installation
  • Tophole
  • Horizontal

HAD operates Rig 200, a Schramm TXD, which is a 200,000 hookload super single and Rig 105, an American Augers VR 500, which is a 500,000 hookload super single. Both Rigs are equipped with hydraulic, tubular handling and breakout tongs for maximum employee safety. Both rigs are tooled with range 3 drill pipe to increase efficiency and trip times. Both rigs are equipped with air compressor packages and mud pumps. Steel mud pits with solids control equipment and closed-loop cuttings containment systems are available too.

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HAD super singles are equipped with our "Cold Climate Package" which includes insulated and heated soap-pump and BOP accumulator houses with aluminum wind walls around the rig floor with purpose built oilfield heaters heating the rig floor, cellar, and rig.

Rigs 589 and 618 are Foremost, DR24 Dual Rotary rigs. These rigs are equipped with a topdrive for conventional rotary drilling as well as lower drives to simultaneously install casing while drilling. This method produces the straightest hole possible and proves to be the most economical way to drill through mine spoil and overburden. This method generates minimal waste and doesn't facilitate the need of mud rotary which increases drilling and disposal costs. The DR24 is equally effective at Reverse Circulation drilling which mitigates water disposal and the need for foamers in environmentally sensitive areas.

HAD also provides support services to the Oil & Natural Gas fields. We operate a fleet of winch trucks, floats, and low boys. As well as operating a host of drill site equipment such as a Twin Steer rig-up tandem, D6 CAT's with winches, CAT telehandlers, and CAT 930 end loaders with pipeforks. HAD provides geotechnical core-drilling and augering including several types of soil sampling options, Geo probe drilling, and water well/supply drilling services.

Drilling Rigs

RIG 105

RIG 200

RIGS 589 & 618

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